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New recycling service for old metal tanks.

Nowadays, we all must make constant efforts to recycle products that could potentially be harmful to our environment. With that in mind, AGB Products decided to offer a recycling service to it’s clients for any of your old metal tanks to help you maintain a clean environment and maximize your storage space. If you want…

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Is your transfer tank properly secured?

Source : Travail Sécuritaire Nouveau-Brunswick / WorkSafe New Brunswick We all want to go home to our families after a long day of work. When we are tired and rushed to complete a project/job , we can, sometimes, get careless. Safety and security at work are the number one priority, no matter what you do…

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Meeting production deadlines: A top priority for AGB

Well aware of today’s stringent market conditions, AGB strives to be ahead of its competition in meeting production deadlines. To achieve this, our company relies on a number of well-established processes and methodologies that ensure the fast delivery of our quality products. Having all our production steps aligned is a decisive factor in the implementation…

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Increase the value added to your products and company! Increase the safety of your employees! Increase efficiency and reduce time losses. The 5S methodology was first implemented by Toyota, in Japan, to increase the efficiency of their vehicle production lines. At present, this methodology is widely used in various value-added processes like “Lean,” and in…

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Generation Y, AGB follows the trend

Through its century-old existence, Atelier Gérard Beaulieu has kept pace with the changing times, successfully transitioning from the so-called Lost Generation of Moïse, the founder of the company, to the Silent Generation of his son Gérard, to the Baby Boomer Generation of Gérard’s son Marc, to the Generation Y of Marc’s son Carl. All along…

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