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Custom Products

AGB Products has acquired unmatched expertise over the years when it comes to engineering, regulations, security standards and quality built. Creating custom products for countless clients in all types of industry has forced us to come up with innovative designs, while always respecting regulations and the client’s needs. It would be impossible to display all of them on a web page but here are few that we created recently that showcases AGB Products’ versatility.

This first example is a refueling trailer with dual compartments in order to be able to transport two different types of fuel. Each compartment has its own pump and the trailer also has an electric extension built-in.

This one is also a refueling trailer, it was a special order from a mining company, designed with a lower chassis for underground exploitation.

This following project has been engineered for the CN. It is a large sub-base tank with dual compartments. The particularity is that each fuel compartments can be taken out for inspection and maintenance by removing the access panel and sliding them out. The tank is also designed to fit in an ISO container (tank showed in red in the picture for better visualization) that can then be loaded on to a train.

Our latest major custom project consists of 2 large 85 000 L storage tanks with an access ramp. We have been building storage tanks for a long time now but those are the largest that we’ve ever done, proving that we never back down when facing new challenges.

When it comes to custom projects such as the ones we showcased on this page, AGB Products stands alone with the needed experience and expertise to come up with the right solution for whatever need you might have.